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We are all WIP's

I love to crochet. My mother taught me when I was around 11 years old. I started with Barbie clothes and worked my way up. Although, honestly, it would not be unlike me to crochet another Barbie dress. Anyhow, I digress. I am part of a Facebook board for crochet enthusiasts like myself. They are forever posting pictures of what they term their WIP. Initially, I was confounded and thought for a moment that WIP must be a fancy new stitch. But alas the light dawned: WIP=Work in Progress.

Ah, yes. I always have a few projects, art, crochet, books and otherwise that could be termed WIP. And then, I had another “aha” moment: Me. How about me? How like a WIP am I? Some good stitches and plenty of mistakes. Sometimes I can catch and undo the errors and sometimes they just become part of the fabric that is me in this life.

Did you know that the Amish would purposely leave an incorrect stitch in their work to remind them that only God is perfect. I am indeed awesome because, I don’t ever have to TRY to make a mistake! They come natural as breathing.

How about you dear reader? Are you able to recognize and allow that YOU are a WIP? Can you correct your wrongs when possible and give yourself grace for the “not so easy to fix.” Can you be okay with not only the perfect rows but the tangled, knotted and often self-inflicted messes?

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