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About Food and Body:

1.The Hands that Feed Me

by Annette McLean LCPC,CEDS

My book specific to recovery which outlines a coping tool I created called SOFT AIM.

2. Women, Food and God.

by Geneen Roth

Really any book by Geneen Roth. Geneen speaks to women in a way few can. Any of her books are must reading for any one who considers themselves to have a disordered relationship with food, eating and their body.

4. Food and Feelings Workbook

by Karen R. Koenig

A lot of books will tell you to feel your feelings, but few actually explain how to do that and what it means. This interactive book takes a chapter per feeling and maps it all out. Wonderful reading and exercises especially for women who have used food to NOT feel their feelings.

5. Eating in the Light of the Moon

by Dr. Anita Johnston

This is another wonderful book for those recovering from an eating disorder. The author offers healing through metaphor, myth and folktales. If you like metaphor (which I do) you will love this book.

6. Life without ED by Jennifer Schaefer

Another must read for anyone (especially a teen) recovering from Anorexia. This is Jennies own story of how she ended her relationship with ED, otherwise known as her "eating disorder."

For Everyone:

1. Loving What Is

by Byron Katie

A wonderful book that step by step helps us to learn that it is not our problems that give us grief, but the way that we interpet them. 

2.Radical Acceptance

by Tara Brach

Great book! The author helps us understand how we get "ensnared" in this automatic way of seeing that we are not good enough and gives us the tools to break free from that limiting thinking.

3. Radical Forgiveness

by Colin Tipping

Another good read about breaking free from our victimhood and the empowerment over our lives that we can gain through forgiveness. 

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